The Shoemakers

Rubén and LaiaWe are Rubén and Laia, we started in the art of shoemaking after years studying Maths and History. Yes, it makes no sense...

The Fancy Puffin is a small business ran from start to finish by just the two of us.

We create exclusive handmade shoes, made to order.

What do we mean by this?

  • Exclusive: we guarantee our clients that they won't find shoes like ours, anywhere. We don't do imitations or copycat products, and we don't produce on series. Each shoe is unique, crafted from start to finish in the same place with the same hands that drew the client's proposal.

  • Handmade: the only machine involved in the process of creating a pair of shoes we use is a treadled Singer sewing machine from 1915. The only electricity we need for creating a pair of shoes is what we need for lighting when working until late. And some for powering our computers for communicating with our clients.

  • Made to order: we design each shoe following the desires and choices of our clients. We create the pattern for that shoe, for that client, with the shape needed for the size and shape of his or her feet. We choose the leathers, colours, laces and finishes following the client's specifications. It's not a customisation: from start to finish we create a pair of shoes according to the tastes of our clients.

The Fancy Puffin is possible after all we have learnt from our teachers, starting with the Argentinian's who introduced us into the shoemaking world, Leo and Caro. Later we've had other great teachers pushing us along the path of this millenial craft, like the artisans at Greenshoes in Buckfastleigh or James and Deborah from Carréducker, in London. For their support, tips and encouragement, we'd like to thank them all.

Rubén i Laia