Frequently Asked Questions

At The Fancy Puffin we craft exclusive handmade shoes, made to order.
This generates a lot of questions. In this page we have tried to summarise the most frequent, along with their answers. If you can't find the answer you are looking for, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Do you create orthopedic shoes?

No, we are not orthopedists.
But, if you are looking for a pair of hoes that can hide an orhopedic insole or an orthopedic lift, we can create a pair of handmade, exclusive shoes where you can fit it perfectly.
Contact us and we'll see how we can help you!

I like shoes by designer X. Can you create shoes like that?

No, at The Fancy Puffin we don't do imitations or copycats.
But we can design and create your own exclusive shoes! No-one will have a pair like that, and they will have all details you love. Contact us and talk about it.

Where is your shop? Do you have an online shop?

We don't have a physical shop.
Since we don't do batches and all shoes we create are unique, we also don't have distributors or exposition pieces in shoe shops.
We create the shoes expressly for each client, and there are no available copies anywhere else.
In our workshop in El Masnou, Barcelona, we always have some work-in-progress shoe for a client, or some shoes we have used in art expositions or photography sessions which are not for sale but are perfect to show you the result of our work.
We have an online shop at Etsy, where you can purchase a voucher for your dream shoes, or to gift a pair of dream shoes to someone else.
In any case, you can always contact us directly and we'll define better the kind of shoe you are looking for.

Where is your shoe factory?

We don't have a factory.
Each pair of shoes we create is exclusive and unique, and this is a work process that can't fit in a factory or a series production.
We are a pair of artisan shoemakers working from start to finish in the shoes of your dreams in a small workshop in El Masnou, Barcelona.

How much does model X cost? Where can I find purchase it?

It's not for sale: this shoe was designed and created specifically for a client who ordered it.
At The Fancy Puffin we create unique pieces, and we guarantee our client the total exclusivity.
Each pair of shoes has has a specific price quote, depending on design and materials. As a reference, we can say that a pair of exclusive, made to order pair of shoes created from start (design, pattern...) to finish (finished pair) start at 250€ plus VAT.
If you want to order your pair of exclusive handmade shoes, don't hesitate to contact us!

Handmade shoes for so little?

The Fancy Puffin is composed of just two workers: Rubén i la Laia. Between us we do everything: design, patternmaking, leather choices (which we cut, skive and sew ourselves,) last the shoe, create the sole... We don't delegate any procedure, and this keeps us from third-party costs.

A pair of shoes for this much?

Go to a shoe shop. Check a pair of high quality shoes: it has been done in a production line, at the other side of the world. How much is it?
The shoes you order to The Fancy Puffin will have been created by Rubén and Laia, at El Masnou (Barcelona), totally handmade, and you can't find them in a shoe shop, because there will be only a pair like yours.

Do you repair shoes? Modify shoes? Customise shoes?

No, we don't repair shoes. Neither modify or alter shoes that are already created, ours or from others. We don't work on shoes created by others shoemakers.
We are artisan shoemakers and the exclusive shoes we create is designed from the beginning until the end, handmade in all steps. For each shoe we create its own pattern. We don't modify already made patterns we have, nor reuse designs. Each pair is different and unique, guaranteeing the exclusivity of them to the client.